LF Interior Design

“To create a beautiful interior is to create a quality of life.”


LF Interior Design

La Famiglia’s fashion & interior designer Riina Laanetu has designed architectural projects professionally since 2019. Starting with a 10 000 square meter Confido medical centre in Veerenni, Tallinn, Riina Laanetu designed every Confido Walk-In-Clinic & medical centre in Estonia- all in collaboration with interior designer Kristiina Puusepp.

Architecture is about creating an inspiring atmosphere where one can truly thrive. The interior of medical clinics & showrooms affect a lot of people as they come & go throughout the day.

Personal spaces like homes & country houses are even more requiring as they reflect so much more. Especially as homes are not only where the sofa & TV stand, but where people live, rest, create and work at the most personal levels.

In spring 2020 La Famiglia opened its very own showroom for the first time. The showroom is a reflection of Riina Laanetu’s own style influenced by Old Europe & Italian architecture. La Famiglia’s showroom is now the focal point for fashion and interior alike.


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